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Rail Services

Partners Warehouse was founded in 1989 to provide rail transload services, and since then the company has grown to offer an array of rail logistics solutions, handling thousands of cars annually.

Partners is capable of working with many products and many railroads. Manifest service of boxcars is a mainstay of our warehouse location in Elwood. This location is also a heavy container handling facility. It is located in the Inland port where the container yards of BNSF, UP and the CN are located. For products requiring warehouse storage it is ideally located near the distribution centers of the largest retailers in the country (Wal Mart, Home Depot, Target and Macy’s). It provides the ideal location for regional distribution in the Midwest.

We are prepared for volume rail shipments at all of our facilities which can handle up to 22 cars per day and are switched daily. Gondolas, centerbeam cars, bulkhead and regular flatcars, pneumatic and hopper cars can all be handled in our facilities. Consequently, Partners is prepared for the majority of product types.

Many of our facilities are served directly by the BNSF railroad, though we also deal directly with the Canadian National and the Norfolk and Southern.

We can arrange point-to-point delivery of your shipments using the contracts we have with railroads and our vast network of independent local transload and transportation partners. Many shipments begin or end with our facilities.

We can also cooperate with others and act as a transload and transportation partner, and we will provide accurate and timely service in all capacities.

Rail Services
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