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Transload Shipping

Is transload shipping right for my business?

Your business would likely benefit from transload shipping if it meets the following criteria:

  • Your business or the facility where you ship goods is not served by rail
  • Your business requires a 3rd party distribution point
  • You ship distances of more than 400 miles
  • You ship unusually large items, such as boilers or cranes
  • You ship three or more truckloads at one time
  • Your product is difficult or expensive to package

The variety of facilities we operate means Partners is uniquely positioned to handle all types of transload needs.

Partners participates in multiple networks and has developed a network of over 1000 transload locations across North America.

Enhanced Efficiency and Costs Savings

With BNSF’s 32,000-mile rail system, world-class facilities and network or transload providers, you have a convenient, flexible and economical way to move your shipments. There is over 8,000 ft of track at these facilities.

This transload service allows you to tap into the cost savings that shipping long haul by the rail carload typically delivers, versus entirely over-the-road costs.  If you are not with the BSNF, its not a problem.  We have a facility with open switching capability.We also offer flexible pricing options, including bundled and unbundled rates. Unbundled pricing allows shippers to manage each piece of their logistics chain and are invoiced separately. Bundled pricing combines rail, transload and short haul trucking into one convenient invoice.

Transload Services
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