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Partners offers facilities equipped to handle the ever-increasing demand for rail transload shipping services. From shed, to ground, to warehouse storage, we can meet a range of requirements for our transload customers.

Material Handling Equipment

Different facilities have a different inventory of equipment. The primary type used for transload is the forklift; our equipment ranges in capacity from a 6000# standard up to 36000# heavy duty forks.  There are also a wide variety of attachments in our inventory, including clamps, spreader bars, beams and long lumber forks.


There is a truck scale at our Aurora facility that can weigh in and out providing tickets for both tare and loaded weights.


We have a number of ramps deployed which allow forklifts to unload boxcars at all sites.  These pieces of equipment also allow the unloading and loading of vehicles.

Bulk products

Partners can accommodate a wide variety of bulk products when loading and/or unloading rail cars.  There are a number of conveyors that are used to handle bulk products.

Heavy and over-dimensioned equipment and vehicles

Unloading heavy machinery, farm and construction equipment and large industrial items requires a trusted teammate. Our staff and facilities can assist you with unloading or reloading your over weight or over sized machinery and equipment.  This can be done whether you are using rail car, container or trailer.

Industrial bagging equipment

There is a bagging line that can support the filling of various size and types of bags at our Aurora operation.

Transload Equipment
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