Partners is Your Hub From Rail to Client

Partners Warehouse understands the business of rail logistics because it was founded in 1989 to provide rail transload services to the Chicago area.

Partners is Your Preferred Rail Served Warehouse

Partners Warehouse was founded in 1989 to provide rail transload services, and since then the company has grown to offer an array of rail logistics solutions, handling thousands of cars annually while providing a best-in-class warehouse storage and distribution service solution. Partners has decades of experience working with an array of products that ship primarily via rail providers. Partners has a depth of knowledge in handling products such as metals, rolled paper, lumber and building materials, beverages, packaged or canned food, solar panels, bulk commodities, feed products, and heavy weight bagged products. Manifest service of boxcars is a mainstay of our warehouse location in Elwood.

Partners Warehouse is in the Inland Port of Joliet, Illinois with direct rail side access to the BNSF logistics rail line. The Partners rail served facility is also in close proximity to the BNSF, CN, and UP intermodal container yards with a triple rail access allowing for the Elwood facility to handle up to twenty-two rail cars per day along with a daily switch from the BNSF.

Partners Warehouse in Aurora, Illinois is a fifteen-acre transload facility positioned directly on the BNSF rail line with a direct open switch. This allows Partners Warehouse to handle up to twenty-eight cars per day. With nearly four thousand linear feet of track, three eight thousand square foot sheds, and many features such as scales, ramps, and boxcar docks, this transload site can handle some of the largest products that come via rail.

Our Facilities

Efficient and cost-effective rail transload partners are crucial to the success of your company’s supply chain. Partners Warehouse rail access locations are geographically placed to support your bulk product and raw material rail shipments in the Chicago area.

Elwood, IL

26634 S. Walton Dr.
Elwood, Illinois 60421

Features: Food Grade, Bulk Commodities, Rolled Paper

Aurora, IL

675 McClure Rd.,
Aurora, Illinois 60502

Features: Rail transload, salt, lumber, building materials

Partners Warehouse is a Premier Transloader for the BNSF Railroad

As a BNSF logistics partner, Partners Warehouse has earned the distinguished recognition to be added to the extensive network exceeding 50 premier transloading sites across the United States.

Partners Warehouse has met the detailed criteria outlined by the BNSF, from operational functionality to safety records. Partners Warehouse is strategically positioned alongside the BNSF rail lines and highway systems providing immediate ease and speed for logistics management solutions.

In addition, the BNSF has determined that Partners Warehouse has the infrastructure and capabilities needed to provide excellence in service for the transfer of goods. Partnering with a premier transloader, companies have been able to enter new markets, become more geographically centric, improve service levels, optimize their capabilities, reduce transportation and operational costs, and finally, grow their business. At Partners Warehouse, we can connect you with the services you need at both ends of the rail.