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Partners Warehouse is dedicated to boosting operational efficiency, minimizing costs, and optimizing your customer experience. At Partners, our warehouse operation is built on the desire to know your product, your team, and your organization, all to build a fully customized solution that fits your supply chain needs. Partners Warehouse, a Chicago area logistics solution provider, offers public and contracted warehouse options, dedicated distribution and fulfillment, food warehouses, rail access, pallet or case pick, as well as large industrial product storage. With over one million square feet of secured warehouse space, Partners Warehouse is an industry leader among 3PL warehousing storage and distribution solution providers.

Partners Transportation is our in-house, asset-based, Chicagoland logistics service offering multiple types of transportation solutions in the central Midwest. Our daily services cover Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, western Ohio, and eastern Iowa. We offer full truckload services, flatbeds, shuttle services, cross dock, and heavy weight transportation. Partners Transportation also provides drayage and transloading services from the major rail yards in the Chicago area.

The Partners Way

What Makes Us Unique

At Partners Warehouse we take pride in our commitment to quality and efficient logistics services. We are equipped to accommodate a wide variety of supply chain service needs, and our hands-on management brings hundreds of years of supply chain experience to provide timely and cost competitive services tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Partners Warehouse helps optimize your operational efficiency, shorten lead time, and deliver more reliable performance, while minimizing your supply chain costs. As your dedicated partner, we will get to know your organization, your team, and your product to fully customize a solution tailored to your expectations.

Our Supply Chain Services

We provide customized solutions that are built to fit a wide range of sizes and complexities.

Partners Warehouse provides crafted facility solutions for your supply chain including general and contracted 3PL warehousing, inventory management and reporting, and an industry proven warehouse management system. We carefully plan the startup of your service with your exact needs in mind. Our thorough preparation allows us to perform your services in an efficient and timely manner.
Combine Partners Warehouse in-house, asset-based, transportation for a cost effective and timely solution for your supply chain. Partners Warehouse offers full truck load, flatbeds, van, and drayage services to all the intermodal container yards in the Chicago area.
Partners Warehouse offers facilities equipped to handle the ever-increasing demand for efficient and proven rail and container transload services. From shed, to ground, to warehouse storage, Partners Warehouse can meet a range of requirements for your transloading needs, floor loading sortation. Partners Warehouse tailored solutions allows you to optimize your rail and container supply chain strategy.

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